Forest-as one half a renewable resources,it’s closely bound up with people’s life.longterm for offering many kinds of products,such as flooring,furniture and wood house etc,many of such wooden products are not only the stand for requiring,but also stand for fortune,from popular products to luxury,the forest of original resources acting occupy a decisive position in people’s life.also got the irreplaceable position.withe people’s more and more high purse,we will face more and more test and challenge,but it’s ok,we have make a fully prepare and will offer more superior and suitable products and service..

In the past year,we trained our own of professional and experienced teams in wood field,from log’s cutting,measurement,transportation,processing to finally saleing,we controlled every link,allalong adhere to the qulity as the core,put our heart and soul into servicing our people.
In china market,we have many clients for cooperation with us,also can look for some new clients for cooperation every month,we owned stong ability to open a new market in china.

At abroad,we direct perchase from foreign company or forestry centre,we take superior products and reasonable price to you,realized profit maximization according the quantity.thus reaching win-win.
At home,we can help you to import by your truth case,abided by market discipline,and maintained everyones rights and interests in the market,kept everyones tbusiness secret,all-out to cooperate and sustain you to do well your market.
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